Cosmeceutical Skincare

Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products

In much the same way we eat a diet full of antioxidants to promote the health of our bodies, our skin requires strong, active antioxidants and vitamins to repair environmental damage and improve the skins health and appearance, now and into the future.

In order to do this as well as to maintain and enhance the results from the treatments you receive at Riverina Skin Specialists, we strongly recommend using medical grade skincare.

Unlike supermarket and over the counter brands, cosmeceuticals contain higher concentrations of powerful ingredients and formulations that work at a deeper level to treat a range of skin conditions.

Whether its improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, acne or rosacea – our qualified nurses & dermal therapists can assess your skin and prescribe a routine from our range of leading medical grade skincare brands.

We stock the following ranges:

SKINEZE Dr Grigoris own skincare range.

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