Lightsheer Desire Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

A new dimension in hair reduction now exists. LightSheer® diode laser technology offers a unique and effective solution for permanent hair reduction. LightSheer® treatments are short and comfortable, so you can continue with your busy lifestyle without interruption.

Laser Hair Removal is a fast and gentle way to remove unwanted hair with permanent results.

Our Dermal Specialists use the medical grade Lumenis Lightsheer Laser to effectively remove unwanted hair from all skin types. Lightsheer is 75% faster than the average hair reduction session and also features unique industry leading technology to minimise patient discomfort.

Pre Laser Hair Removal

(Important – please advise us if you are on any medication, like antibiotics and roccutane prior to treatment)

2 – 4 weeks prior to treatment
•Do not pluck, wax or use depilatory creams
•No sun exposure/solarium on the areas to be treated
•No gradual/fake tans on the treated areas

12 hours prior to the treatment
•Clean shave the areas to be treated. Please be aware there is additional charge for shaving

Post Laser Hair Removal

Immediately after
•Keep the area cool – use a cold compress if needed
•Reddening and swelling around the hair follicles is normal and will subside over the next few hours

For the first 48 hours
•Refrain from excessive hot showers, saunas, high intensity clothing and tight clothing
•Avoid exfoliation
•Avoid the use of perfumed products, deodorants and active products such as retinol, lactic and glycolic acids

For the next 7 days
•Avoid sun exposure and solarium visits as the treated area will be prone to sunburn and pigment change
•Apply SPF 50+ if the area is exposed to the sun
•Keep the treated area clean and moisturised to ensure optimal healing
•Do not pluck, wax or use depilatory creams whilst having Laser Hair Removal

Contact us today and start enjoying the freedom of smooth skin year round. Be sure to consult with your treatment provider regarding contraindications and risks before choosing this treatment.

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